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Half Company presents the Halfgrid project

• Halfgrid is a fully autonomous transport system for people and goods set on a separate layer above the ground and based on the smallest unit possible — an individual person-sized pod. • The system is light and flexible and can be implemented in most mid to large-size cities. Its backbone is a grid of static cables that forms a new layer in the urban fabric. • AI-driven individual pods transport people and goods across the network. Users can book transport from A to B via an app, and the system will schedule the trip and determine an optimal route.
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Our cities are experiencing extreme gridlock and need personal transport solutions more than ever. That has been a hot topic for years and has become even more pressing since the pandemic hit. And here’s our response — an autonomous transport system for people and goods that can be implemented in most mid to large-size cities. It has the potential to improve both the travel experience and the city environment at the same time. We've always been drawn toward simplicity — how to make things simple, light, minimal, and with a focus on the human side and scale, in contrast with today's busy lifestyles in cities that are becoming more complex and congested by the day. It is in fact how we move around them that is causing most of this complexity. Our project aims to redefine the way people think about mobility and suggest an alternative to current forms of transportation. We envision a light and flexible AI-driven system that will make people less dependent on cars and improve user experience by providing the ability to travel efficiently and comfortably directly from A to B. A system that not only offsets some of the conventional traffic, thus reducing congestion, pollution, and noise levels but makes room for a human-friendly urban environment. Another aspect is that it can redefine the delivery of goods within cities by transporting cargo directly to small businesses, eliminating last-mile delivery issues.

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